Who Are We?

Doctor Gus & Company is a collection of artists who collaborate and exhibit together at conventions around the country. We are inspired by found objects, machinery, and antiques of a bygone age. For our work, we draw upon the aesthetics of fantasy, science fiction, nature, and industry.

The project was founded by Gustav “Doctor Gus” Karlson. He has been making, designing and handcrafting Jewelry, Art, and Gadgets of all sorts full time since 2006.


The sculptures, accessories, and jewelry we design are created using traditional techniques. Each piece starts out being sculpted by hand. Leatherwork, woodwork, metalsmithing, and lost wax casting is all done inside our workshop studio nestled among the Appalachian Mountains of Pennsylvania.

After 10 years of selling art at juried festivals, galleries, and conventions, we’ve built a strong following of dedicated collectors who support what we do and constantly fill us with fresh ideas. Some of our customers have even become collaborators. Art is a never-ending creative endeavor for us.

Take a look through the gallery to see some of our most memorable projects. Browse around the Doctor Gus Etsy shop. And don’t forget to like, follow, and share us on social media.